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Purpose of Subject Guide

Traditional textbooks are a good resource for most students; however, there does exist a population of students who find the traditional textbooks difficult to read or comprehend. Graphic novels use both pictures and words to tell their stories and not all of them are of the “comic book” variety written for entertainment only. Many graphic novel writers and illustrators are using their talents to bring historical events to life and have been known to draw in the reluctant learner. However, the graphic novels listed in this guide can be utilized by more than just the history department, they can also benefit teachers and faculty who have reluctant readers in their English courses, especially male students.

Goal of Subject Guide

The goal of this guide is to assist history and English faculty not only with samples of the best graphic novels, but also provide a broad scope of books, articles and encyclopedias, which support the theory that graphic novels can be beneficial in the classroom. Students today appear to be more oriented to the visual arts as opposed to the written medium. Graphic novels can help enhance the learning process in the classroom while offering a more attractive option over the classic and traditional textbooks. This subject guide has been created to assist history and English faculty at both the high school and college level in order to peak the interest of students who may learn better visually.


This guide can be used by educators of all grades, but primarily the high school and college age range. Parents may also find this site helpful if doubts arise as to the educational worthiness of graphic novels since traditionally “comic books” have been attributed to a subpar level of reading and comprehension. Graphic novels and some comic books do have a place in today’s educational setting.

This guide will also be useful to both academic and public libraries that wish to build a good collection of educational graphic novels in order to support the schools and communities in which they operate. The graphic novels listed for both English/Humanities and History/Humanities is by no means exhaustive, but serves as examples and to give inspiration.

NOTE: All graphic novel images link to their perspective Amazon pages.

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